Probiotics for colds & flu's

Brrrr - the chill is back in the air as winter firmly asserts itself over the country one more time. It's back to lighting the fire, donning the woolly socks, snuggling up in fleecy p.j.'s and stocking up on tissues and codral. We are also now seeing adverts on the tele advising us we need the flu shot, but do we really need a jab, or is there a more natural way to fight the flu, common colds and other viruses?

This is where probiotics come in. We all know that good bacteria can assist in keeping the gut healthy, but did you know that about 80% of the immune system is also in the gut? This means that these good bacteria have a major role to play in not only keeping the bad bugs at bay, but safeguarding us against viruses and infections we come across everywhere, especially at this time of the year. If we don't have harmony and balance of bacteria then this is when we can become susceptible to viruses and infections, making us sick and further weakening the immune system. While certain probiotics may not stop the flu, it has been proven that they can shorten the length and severity of the infection, and are especially effective when taken by children.

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus have been found to be important strains in the effectiveness of probiotics on colds and flus. Add to these a potent mix of vitamins and minerals, which can improve the effectiveness of the probiotics, and you have a very comprehensive formula of natural immune boosting goodness. All of this and more can be found in Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods – the natural alternative to keeping healthy this winter and all year round.

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