How to take Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood

Just 1 teaspoon of powder (3 grams) a day is all that is required to get your daily dose of good bacteria and wholefood nutrients.

  • Each 150gram tub of Immunity Fuel contains 50 x 1 teaspoon (3g) serves (50 serves per tub)
  • Each 90gram tub contains 30 x 3gram (1tsp) serves (30 serves per tub)
  • Each pack of VegeCaps contains 60 VegeCaps (30 serves per tub).

Each serve contains billions of probiotics as well as nutritional multi-vitamins.


To get started, we recommend taking just 1/2 a teaspoon or 1 VegeCap per day for the first week to allow your body to get used to the product, as you may experience a healing response (see below) as the body detoxifies itself.

 After 7-10 days this can be increased to 1 full teaspoon or 2 VegeCaps. 

If you are wanting a more intense detox more than 1 teaspoon per day can be taken and this is up to each individual depending on your health & body.

If you suffer from IBS, leaky gut, diverticulitis or any other digestive disorder, illness or sensitivity you may like to start with just a quarter of a teaspoon per day. As the toxins are released from your body this can be interpreted as an irritation to the bowel if it occurs too quickly, so best to start off slowly and let the bacteria do their work gradually.


For children we recommend starting with 1/4 of a teaspoon per day, and working up to 1/2 a teaspoon per day.

Children aged 12+ may take 1 VegeCap per day, with plenty of liquid and supervised by an adult (the VegeCaps are large). For children aged under 12 we do not recommend using VegeCaps, please use the powder instead. If necessary open the VegeCap and measure the powder as above.

For babies you can start with a pinch in their milk or food when they start solids, increasing slowly to 1/8 then to 1/4 of a teaspoon over time. 

If you have any queries on how to take Immunity Fuel please contact us on 0800 10 26 86.

What to expect

Many people can be quite toxic from the effects of prescription drugs, bad eating habits and an accumulation of preservatives eaten over the years.  When taking Immunity Fuel for the first time, some people may experience what is known as a 'healing response' which is the body simply 'detoxing'.

Once the body starts to receive proper nutrients at a cellular level, and the good bacteria start to destroy the bad bacteria a healing response may follow. This is a good sign and means the body is detoxifying itself. 

This may manifest itself as aches, pains, flu like symptoms, diarrhoea, or a general unwell feeling. Keep taking the product (you could lessen your daily amount) until this passes and drink plenty of water to assist the elimination process. If you stop taking Immunity Fuel after 1 or 2 weeks you may feel worse so it is important to take it daily for the first few months without stopping.

probiotic superfood green drink

Serving Suggestions

  • Immunity Fuel easily dissolves into most liquids (make sure they are cool as anything too hot may kill the bacteria)
  • Suggestions: 
    • water
    • coconut water
    • fruit juice
    • smoothies.
  • Sprinkle on food such as breakfast cereals, or anything that is not too hot (below 55°).
  • Mix into yoghurt for the kids
  • Add to your favourite bliss ball recipe


Go Green Expo Smoothie

1 banana

1 handful spinich

1 cup rice milk

1 cup coconut milk (or cream)

1 teaspoon immunity fuel

Place all ingredients into the blender or bullet and blend.


Using Immunity Fuel as a culture

Did you know you can make your own yogurt at home using Immunity Fuel?

All you need is milk, Immunity Fuel, a food thermometer and an 'EasiYo' yogurt maker. (If you don’t have an EasiYo yogurt maker, you can also use a jar for the yogurt mixture and a chilly bin, in which you place a pan of hot water to keep the temperature up).

Immunity fuel probiotic superfood

Probiotic Yogurt


Heat up just over 1 litre of milk to about 85 C. 

Let it cool down to about 41 C and add 1 tsp of Immunity Fuel and mix well.

Pour the mixture it in the EasiYo container, of which the outer part is filled with boiling water as per instructions on the box.

Let it sit for at least 8 hours or overnight.

There will be a residue of Immunity Fuel on the bottom of the container. You can transfer the yogurt to a jar if you prefer and discard the residue.

To thicken the yogurt, put it in a sieve with cheesecloth and let it sit for an hour or so, longer if you want a thicker yogurt.

For a second batch, you can either use a tbsp of Immunity Fuel again or add 2 tbsp of the first batch of yogurt.

The ‘setting’ time may vary between both methods. We used organic dark blue milk, but you can also try making it with coconut milk, goat’s milk etc. The thickening time may differ between different types of milk, so give it go 😊

super green probiotic smoothie

Made from organic whole food and super food ingredients, this recipe was inspired from a combination of recipes and ideas from web pages all over, as I was looking for a good detoxifying breakfast to incorporate my daily dose of Immunity Fuel into. The beauty of a green smoothie such as this is that you can add or take out whatever you like depending on what you like/dislike or just what you have on hand...
probiotic superfood green smoothie

Makes approximately 1 glass full - although this all depends on you!

1/2 banana
1/2 pear
handful of spinach (or you can use kale)
sprig of parsley
sprig of mint
1/2 lemon juice
1 tbs chia seeds
1/2 tsp grated ginger
pinch cayenne
pinch cinnamon
pinch turmeric
3 tbs plain natural yogurt
1-2 tbs coconut milk/ cream
water (as required for consistency)
1 teaspoon Immunity Fuel

Throw it all in the blender and whizz it up to the consistency you desire. Quantities are approximate so have a play and come up with the perfect variation for you and enjoy!

nut & seed sprinkle

Coconut Oil
Almond flakes
Chopped walnuts
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Chia Seeds
Chopped dates
Shredded coconut
1. Melt coconut oil on baking tray in oven
2. Toss nuts and seeds through coconut oil and toast lightly
2. Combine with remaining ingredients and store in an airtight jar
3. Sprinkle on breakfast cereal with a teaspoon of Immunity Fuel
4. Enjoy!

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