Gut Health Supplements in NZ

Do you often have trouble with your gut, experiencing systems such as irritable bowels, sore stomach, or tummy trouble?

If you answered yes, then our Immunity Fuel probiotics may just be the ideal gut health supplements for you. Take just one teaspoon per day to consume billions of live probiotics, battling together to improve the health of your gut. We have scientifically formulated our probiotic superfoods for gut health to improve your general wellbeing and help with any stomach issues you may have been experiencing.

Why Take Probiotic Superfoods for Gut Health?

There’s a lot of talk about probiotic superfoods and what they can do for you. So, why should you consider taking probiotic superfoods for gut health?

Firstly, the gut is one of the most important systems in our body, but unfortunately, it’s one that is often overlooked when it comes to health and wellbeing. A healthy gut can help with improving your mood, sleeping better, a healthy heart, robust immune system, and effective digestion.

If you want to feel more alert, well-rested, and be able to properly digest food without any issues,
then you need to take care of your gut health.

Your gut requires a balance of both good and bad bacteria. When there is an overabundance of
harmful bacteria, that’s when you may start to feel drowsy, low on energy, and plagued by stomach

So, what’s the solution? It might be time to try one of the best gut health supplements in NZ – Immunity Fuel probiotics. Combining a powerful combination of multi-strain bacteria with certified organic super foods, Immunity Fuel is more than just a probiotic, it is an all-in-one probiotic, prebiotic & natural multi-vitamin suitable for the whole family.

How do you choose the right probiotic for you?

When there is so much conflicting information about probiotics out there, how do you find one that's right for you? 

When investing in a good quality, live probiotic here are a few of the things to consider:

1. Does it contain multiple strains of probiotics, including lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and saccharomyces, as well as prebiotics in a symbiotic formula?

2. Has it been 3rd party batch tested to ensure billions of live counts of CFU's in every serve?

3. Have the bacteria been stressed to withstand extreme heat and cold, acidic conditions, the harsh gut environment and toxins such as coffee, colas, medicines, sugars, etc.?

4. Are the probiotics are alive (not freeze dried), and are the prebiotics they feed on also in the product?

5.Is it Certified organic / free of genetically modified organisms?

6. Is it a naturally fermented powder (not a pill which contains binders or fillers)?

7. Is it gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, vegan?

8. Does it have any nutritional value? For example easy to absorb, fermented wholefood nutrition

9. Is there any evidence that it actually works?

Best Probiotic for Gut Health

Many people aren’t sure how to determine whether the products they are considering are the best gut health supplements for them. 

We believe that ours are the best probiotic for gut health for numerous reasons: they contain 15 strains of living probiotics, are certified organic, and can make your immune system stronger.

Additionally, they can help with digestion, replace nutrients lacking from your body, and are safe for the whole family to take. What more could you ask for?

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