Natural Organic Probiotic Superfood

For a healthy gut & strong immune system

Just as nature intended...

At Immunity Fuel we are passionate about nature and the powerful healing benefits that can be derived from it. Our probiotic superfoods combine billions of good bacteria which are organically raised, with certified organic wholefoods. These are fermented together in a special process resulting in a natural green powder to support a healthy gut and strong immune system. Every day we lose good bacteria which are vital for healthy bodily functions. Combine the multi-strain probiotics in Immunity Fuel with multi-vitamins from the organic wholefoods and you have an all-in-one daily supplement essential to maintain a healthy body.

Immunity Fuel Original

The Original Immunity Fuel Formula.

Combines 13 strains of LIVE Lactobacillus bacteria, 2 strains of beneficial Saccharomyces yeasts, and 18 certified organic whole foods. Only the finest grains, legumes, grasses, herbs and Spirulina available are used to make our products. The product is manufactured via an exclusive fermentation process called Floraferm, which ensures active, viable bacteria and pre-digested, natural nutrients. Find out more >>

Immunity Fuel Gluten Free

The Guaranteed Gluten Free Formula

Combines 13 strains of LIVE Lactobacillus bacteria, 2 strains of beneficial Saccharomyces yeasts, and 14 certified organic whole foods. Only the finest grains, legumes, grasses, herbs and Spirulina available are used to make our products. The product is manufactured via an exclusive fermentation process called Floraferm, which ensures active, viable bacteria and pre-digested, natural nutrients. Find out more >>

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Balance ~ Detox ~ Cleanse ~ Heal

Every day we lose about 50mls of our good bacteria, and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you could replace your good bacteria and maintain the balance required to keep illness at bay. 

Just one teaspoon of Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood provides billions of good bacteria, natural vitamins & minerals, and immune support the body needs to heal itself and maintain wellness. 

100% natural probiotic & multi-vitamin combined

  • Certified Organic
  • GE free
  • Contains billions of LIVE bacteria
  • Contains raw nutritious whole foods
  • Contains 72 omni-minerals, scientifically proven to detox the body of heavy metals & chemicals
  • Contains 20 amino acids (including the 9 essential for human life to exist)
  • Fermented for maximum cellular absorption
  • Rich in probiotics & prebiotics
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Vegan
  • No dairy
  • No GMO
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Not heat-treated (it is solar dried to retain important vitamins & minerals)
  • Nutrients are pre-digested by the bacteria which can remove allergens and ensure easy & instant absorption at a cellular level
  • 15 powerful strains of probiotics (good bacteria and beneficial yeasts) working together
  • The bacteria are bred to withstand the harsh gut environment e.g. acidic conditions
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Immunity Fuel is a convenient, easy to take, natural green powder
  • Just 1 teaspoon per day is all your body needs
  • 50 serves in every tub!

How Immunity Fuel assists your body to keep healthy

  • Replace live bacteria in your gut
  • Detoxify your body from chemicals and toxins
  • Clean out your digestive system and colon, where most disease starts
  • Replace vital nutrients at a cellular level.
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Promote healthy gut and digestion
  • Neutralise acids and alkalise your body
  • Gives your body the tools it needs to heal itself

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood may assist to:

  • Improve Digestion
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Improve regularity of bowel movements
  • Control candida (thrush)
  • Eliminate symptoms of IBS, Leaky Gut & Diverticulitis 
  • Improve management of stress
  • Diminish reactions to allergens such as lactose or gluten by re-populating good bacteria in the gut
  • Clear excema
  • Clear up fungal infections
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Eliminate digestive issues
  • Assist in weight loss management by providing instantly available nutrients so your body craves less food
  • Results vary for each person... see our testimonials page for more, or contact our team on 0800 10 26 86 to discuss your needs.

billions of bacteria...

Every batch of Immunity Fuel is tested to ensure high numbers of active colony forming units (CFU) per gram. Each CFU has approximately 1,000,000 (1 million) bacteria in that colony (this is when there is enough bacteria to be visible as a colony and can then be counted). So if a batch test comes out at >10,000 live CFU's per gram for example, that would mean that we have a MINIMUM of 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) actual bacteria per gram.
A child serving of 1/2 a teaspoon is approximately 1.5 grams so this would give them a MINIMUM of 15 billion bacteria, and an adult serving of 1 teaspoon is 3 grams which would be minimum 30 billion bacteria. These are minimum numbers as due to being alive the bacteria will also be multiplying all the time (live bacteria multiply every 20 minutes).

Immunity Fuel is manufactured via a natural fermentation process so the number of live bacteria will always vary. Each batch is different and it would be impossible to state a number of bacteria on the product label as they are alive and therfore constantly multiplying. This is why a batch test is important to ensure that there is actually LIVE bacteria in the product (rather than the total number which changes all the time).

It is crucial that the bacteria in our probiotics are actually alive. Some probiotics come in a white powder or pill form, or may be freeze dried or heat treated, and therefore the bacteria are inert when you ingest them and need to reactivate in the gut to have an effect. However if the gut environment is not favourable in the first place the bacteria may not have all the food they need to wake up and do their job, and therefore they become useless. Immunity Fuel bacteria, on the other hand are alive when they go in so begin their job when they enter your mouth, an important place for friendly bacteria to populate.

For more information on the Importance of Live Bacteria see our blog post on this topic.

good health starts here...

Are you looking to maintain or regain your health?

Whether you are super healthy and need to stay that way, or feeling a little under the weather (or anywhere in between) Immunity Fuel certified organic probiotic superfood may be just what you are looking for...

Most people know that good health starts in the gut, and that it is important to have a balance between good and bad bacteria for the mind, body & soul.  That is why taking a good quality, organic probiotic with LIVE bacteria along with fermented wholefoods should be a part of every body's daily diet.  The live probiotics in Immunity Fuel have been bred to withstand the harsh gut environment, as well as severe heat, cold, and acidic conditions ensuring that they stay alive throughout the digestive system. The certified organic whole foods have been pre-digested by the bacteria so the nutrient value can be instantly absorbed and utilised by your body's cells.

There is no longer the need to spend thousands of dollars on different probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, and green powders, or for a different product for each member of the family - Immunity Fuel has it all. Containing probiotics, prebiotics, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, and nutritious whole foods this all-in-one probiotic & multi-vitamin is certified organic and suitable for the whole family.

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